Getting Started

Let's get started with your collar

Setting up your Paw Trackers collar is quick and easy.

You're going to want to set up your AirTag with you iPhone first, then install in your collar.


Every iPhone comes with the "FindMy" application pre-installed. If you have trouble finding it, try swiping your finger down from the middle of your home page to bring up the search bar.

Set up your AirTag

Remove the small plastic tab from your AirTag to activate the battery. Your iPhone should automatically detect it nearby and initiate your setup. We recommend labeling your AirTag with your pet's name and selecting a dog emoji as the icon.

Install the airtag in your collar

Simply unhook the metal clasps to make room for the AirTag, slide it under the leather cover, then secure the clasps. 

You're ready to go!

The final step is to put it on your best friend.

You're ready to enjoy the feeling of always knowing they're nearby.