The Paw Trackers collar exterior is made of 100% genuine leather, with a copper ring to attach to a leash. The AirTag pocket is also genuine leather with two snaps to keep the AirTag secure. The interior is lined with soft microfiber for maximum comfort for your pup. We've run extensive durability tests to ensure that you're receiving a strong and comfortable collar for your pet.

We have Paw Trackers collars for dogs both big and small. Please refer to our sizing chart here, which includes typical breeds for each size as well as collar lengths. We want to ensure your happiness, so you may also exchange it within 30 days should it not fit.

The Paw Trackers collar may not be waterproof, but it has excellent water resistance. We've tested it in the rain, swimming in mountain streams, and running through ocean waves with no noticeable damage. The more adventurous your pups are, the more natural weathering may occur over time, but our goal is to make a tough collar for active dogs.

The Apple AirTag is also water resistant for up to 30 minutes, so while we don't suggest a full bath, you dont have to worry about some splish-splashing.

No, AirTags are sold separately by Apple.

Pairing your AirTag with your iPhone is quick and easy. We have included all of the details on our Getting Started page to walk you through step-by-step.

The AirTag does not need to be charged, and the battery should last approximately one year.

When it's time for a replacement, you can purchase a CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery (available at most electronic and drug stores). Here are instructions from Apple Support on how to replace your AirTag battery.


Head over to our "Getting Started" page that has everything you need to know to properly set up your AirTag.

Our collar works with the help of Apple's AirTag for tracking, which uses a combination of Bluetooth and ultra-wideband technology to send location signals to Apple devices nearby. 

After setting up your AirTag and installing it on your Paw Trackers collar, you will be able to use Apple's "FindMy" application on your iOS device to find the location of your collar (and your pup!) nearby as well as seeing their location on Apple Maps. You also have the option to "Play Sound" to have your AirTag play a chime so you can hear a dog that may be better than you at hide-and-seek.

Putting our dog's collar into lost mode in the "FindMy" app will send you notifications of every location change when they are near an Apple device.

For full information on the AirTag, click here.

In the case that your pup goes missing, navigate to the Find My app on your iPhone and put your AirTag into Lost Mode. When you turn on Lost Mode for an AirTag, you have options to enter a phone number or email address and a short message. You can also tap the 'Notify When Found' toggle to enable a notification when your dog is found.

If you enabled notifications, your iPhone provides an alert that your AirTag was located, and you can view its location on a map.

If someone with an iPhone or an Android phone that has an NFC reader finds your tag, they can view the phone number/email address and message you set when you set up Lost Mode, and they will see the message on their phone.

The AirTag uses a combination of Bluetooth and ultra-wideband technology to send location signals to Apple devices nearby. 

Being in a rural location with no cell signal and a low likelihood of your dog encountering someone with an Apple device would not be the ideal scenario to leverage AirTag features.

That being said, the majority of dogs that end up lost these days quickly come into contact with other humans. If they have any Apple device with them (iPhone, Apple Watch, Macbook etc) you'll have the ability to see the location of your furry friend and quickly becoming reunited.

If you're looking to track a dog in the middle of deep woods, there are collars that are going to be a much better fit, but you will likely end up paying significantly more. Typical collars with these features (built in cellular SIM + GPS) run around ~$200 and come with a monthly fee around ~$13/mo. These options still require the collar to be in range of a cellular tower to be located.

Paw Trackers' goal is to provide tracking features at a reasonable cost that will work in the majority of scenarios in which a dog may be lost.

Android cannot be paired with an AirTag for tracking, however AirTags include NFC chips that are readable by Android NFC-capable phones so should an Android user find a dog with a Paw Trackers collar and AirTag, they can retrieve the owner’s details once the owner has put the AirTag in “Lost Mode.”

You can tap and hold the top of your iPhone or NFC-capable smartphone to the white side of the AirTag and tap the notification that appears. This opens a website that provides information about the AirTag, including its serial number.

If the owner has marked it as lost, you might see a message with information about how to contact the owner. You can contact the owner to let them know that you found their dog.

Shipping & Returns

Yes! We provide 100% free economy shipping to all 50 states.

We ship from the US, so you can expect your order to get from door to door in days, not weeks. Orders placed before 3 PM EST ship same day and most arrive within a few business days. Expedited shipping is available for a few dollars more and can be purchased during checkout.

At this time, no. We believe its important for products to arrive at your doorstep quickly and international shipments take time, sometimes getting stuck in customs. In order to provide the best quality service to our customers, we only offer continental US shipping at this time.

Give us a chance to make it right! Reach out to us at woof@pawtrackers.co so that we can find out what problem you're experiencing and how we can help. If we are within the 30 day time frame of your purchase, we will be happy to fully refund or exchange your collar.

Before you place an order, be sure to check out our sizing section below to help avoid the hassle of you having to send back your initial order. Its tough to guess sizes online (even for pup owner's accessories), so if the size still isn't right, send us a note at woof@pawtrackers.co and we'll help you arrange an exchange.

We have excellent employees who check every collar for quality control, but sometimes imperfections can slip through the cracks. Reach out to us at woof@pawtrackers.co within 30 days of your purchase and we will make it right!


We want to make sure you chose the correct collar size the first time, but if you are unsatisfied with your fit, please contact us to have it exchanged.

To make things easier, we put together the below graphic to help find where your dog fits on the size spectrum